About me

I am Peter. I play the piano, love classical music, admire the game of snooker (and play it myself) and I really love my Blackmagic Cinema 4K camera.

Being a filmmaker, portraying personal stories and precious moments have my special interest. These can be stories from individuals but also from companies that want to show what they represent in terms of a unique and personal value.
My style of filming is characterized by detailed and observational scenes in which people reflect on their life or company in narrative form. Or with a subject that matters to them: something that is often an essential part of, or gives meaning to their lives.
With this I make a film portrait as a lasting memory. As a legacy or to inspire others.

I make sure that the persons I work with feel comfortable in front of the camera. From discussing the assignment and writing the script to the camera work and final editing: all steps will be carried out carefully and in consultation with you.

I work with professional equipment, set high standards for my work and, in addition to a subtle sense of style, I also pay a lot of attention to detail. I don’t like sloppiness and imperfections and will only be satisfied when my customers are satisfied too.

In addition to being a filmmaker, I also provide audio (visual) recordings of classical music. Recording concerts, rehearsals or CD recordings is so much more than just recording technique. Experiencing nerves can any musician get in the way from playing freely. If these unwanted nerves occur, I will help you reducing them. With me you will find a committed, positive and competent recording manager.

I have excellent reviews that I would like to share with you. So if I draw your attention, please contact me. I’d love to hear from you.