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I want my customers to be happy and satisfied about my services. That’s why I ask them to share their thoughts of the collaboration with me. After all, they can best indicate what I do and what is valuable to them in it. You can read their reviews here.

Peter made a beautiful corportate movie for us. We had many beautiful and emotional conversations together beforehand. We got to know Peter as a sincere man with a lot of involvement. The end result is really great. Peter works very accurately and is only satisfied when we are satisfied too. Working with this professional is very special and highly recommended!

Guus en Sylvia SanstraMonulights

Peter is characterized by the craftsmanship of the old-fashioned craftsman, although he masters the technology of today and tomorrow. He will not start filming before he has fully understood what you want to tell and has translated it into the story of the film with you. After filming, he finishes it down to the last detail, because the devil is also in the details. In this way he forces happiness, because because he really knows what he is doing, he also catches the things that cannot be prepared.

Otto ReuchlinFouder Peer-groep

Made a beautiful film portrait of my father who was terminally ill. Also very good sound quality, he was also able to anticipate situations well. Because of the beautiful blue sky he suggested filming in the garden. These turned out to be the most beautiful images. In addition, a very pleasant and professional man to work with.
Highly recommended.

Roos van Weelden

Several times I have asked Peter to lead record sessions. It always led to a very pleasant collaboration. The combination of his technical expertise and love for classical music makes Peter a special sound engineer. His experience as a piano tuner is valuable in recording the sound of this instrument. In his camera work he distinguishes himself by the eye for detail with which he records performances.

Jeroen SnijderConcert pianist

Peter is a true professional. He is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. He has created short promo videos and concert registrations for PianoFest and they were of high quality. I'd recommend him to anyone if you want to have a high quality recording from performances.

Lizzy BeekmanVoorzitter PianoFest

Peter is a professional skilled piano tuner and you will notice soon that he knows what he is talking about. I also did a film project with Peter and here he also demonstrated his expertise. He works with professional gear. Because Peter thinks ahead, we didn't lose too much time, everything went according to plan. I would definitely recommend Peter as a filmmaker and piano tuner. I really enjoy working with someone who works accurately and just knows what is doing.

Ruth Baan

Peter has put together a wonderful mini-documentary about the ship model I am making.
He did this with great care and made something beautiful out of it. Because of the calm way of filming and his eye for detail, I could see that he understood how much time and patience it takes.
His great interest and the questions he asked me also shows that Peter puts a lot of feeling and knowledge into his work.

Berend Westerhof

Being a filmmaker Peter wants to capture the real story. Because of his genuine curiosity he asks you questions that also make you think about why you do something and what it means to you. Combined with his craftsmanship as a filmmaker, it is a pleasure to work with him. I would wholeheartedly recommend Peter to anyone who wants to capture a story with more depth and touch!

Paul Koenen

Peter has done an amazing job with our piano! A piano which is about 90 years old and not tuned in many many years, you can imagine what that sounded like! I actually thought our piano was broken. I contacted Peter and he was out the next day to do the job! He is super friendly, positive, patient and extremely knowledgeable.
His enthusiasm and love for pianos inspires me and I felt so comfortable knowing that our piano was in good hands! He provided guidance/suggestions to help keep our piano in good condition in years to come. I will definitely be using his service again!

Shaakirah Chettiar

Peter managed to bring our piano back to concert pitch while it hadn't been tuned for at least 20 years! Now it's back in tune. It sounds great again, especially when he plays it himself! In short: when Peter shows up, you are in expert and musical hands.

Cécile Ravesloot

Peter has a nice personality and that works by aligning with his customer about the technical possibilities of the to be tuned piano. He works very professionally, whereby bringing the piano strings into phase to get the right tone is a combination of high tech equipment, precision work and craftsmanship. Because Peter himself is a pianist and musician, he understands very well that it is very important for pianists and composers to trust the technique of the piano and he works very carefully to provide this.

Gerardo Luis FloresComponist

Our piano sounds beautiful again! He even managed to repair an already broken part. With patience, passion and explanation Peter has made my son happy again! See you in half a year!

Inge Mauritz