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Sound editing

When it comes to home or studio recordings, an important part of editing is determining the desired acoustics: in what kind of room you want to hear your recording? Because no matter what you play or whatever recording equipment you use: a studio or living room does not sound like a concert hall or cathedral. The recording will often sound dry and sterile. This may be desirable and even the purpose for certain kind of music styles, for example when it comes to jazz music.

With classical music, however, acoustics have a major influence on the ambiance of the sound. You can make a home recording sound as if it were recorded in a famous concert hall. This is done with the so-called impulse response. If you want to know more about impulse response, feel free to have a look over here.

If you are satisfied with the result of the recording, I will complete the mastering and the recording will be finalized. It wil be a lasting memory, to listen to often.

You’ll receive the recording files in whatever format you wish.